Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yes Peeps – I am still around…thanks for all those that sent messages…I am doing okay!!!

Just trying to set things straight in my head as to what direction I want to go in. I know it sounds like I am speaking in puzzles or code but I have very very nosey children and personally I would them rather not know what decisions I am fixing to make. None of them will be happy.

Personally they have A LOT of growing up to do….tired of the whining and complaining and thinking that they know it all…tired of trying to help only to turn around and getting kicked in the heart  for it. My hunnie and I actually agree fully that we are both tired of their garbage and we are DONE….stick a fork in us because we are so DONE!!!

House is still not done – FIGURES!! Tired of waiting on that too!! I guess we will start eating out for holidays too because I just do not have a kitchen to cook holiday meals in. BUMMER!

Still getting paid sporadically from WC – that also figures – Tired of trying to fight the system….I just do not have it in me anymore to fight for my pay or medications or anything!!!

Yes we are finally in the “NEW” computer/craft room…getting my craft area set up is running very slow but that is okay – I like having more room and I like the light so much better in this room (more windows)…and now my webcam shows the picture much more brighter and sharper – so I am a happy camper.

Over at my art blog I am posting every day for two challenges – one is NaBloPoMo and the other is Art Every Day Month… so stop by my art blog – FINDING MYSELF – and see what I am coming up with every day as a creation!!! This should be fun!!

This weekend is suppose to actually go down to 44 degrees – WOW – for Florida that is CHILLY COLD…I can’t wait..lol!
We deserve the cool weather – we deserve the cool off – it has just been too warm for too long here!

Well I just wanted to do a brief update  - sorry if I am speaking in code for some – for now – it is the only thing I can do…until certain things are in place!
THANKS SO MUCH for stopping by…REMEMBER to HUG those you LOVE….No One is guaranteed a tomorrow!!