Saturday, September 7, 2013


In every man there are two animals that live inside of him. One animal called hate and the other called love.
They both are fighting for control and the thing that we need to understand is that whatever animal we feed the most will be in control.
So if we feed hate, hate will dominate our lives and ultimately cause heartache and destruction to those who are around us.
So we need to feed the animal called love and allow it to control our every action. If we will allow love to lead us and control us we will leave a very powerful legacy for the next generation to follow.
We must never allow hate to get a strong hold within our hearts because it will cause a decease that is far worse than cancer It will cause us to die from the inside out and make everyone to to stir clear of us.
We must let love kill the animal called hate because there is nothing else that can get ride of hate other than love.
So today where there is hate let love choke it out. For if we all love one another as ourselves we will change this world from hate to love.