Thursday, October 30, 2008


WELL - finally baseball season has come to an end - (Thank God) (I am so not a fan really) but
it broke my heart that Tampa Bay did not win the world series...Congrats to the phillies but Lord I was so pulling for Tampa...gotta stick with the home team - sort
I am so looking forward to a football weekend - the gators will be playing the georgia bulldogs - biggest rival - the analysts say that whoever wins - has one of the best chances for the national championship.....Lordy I am praying hard for my Gators - they so deserve it!

Okay - enough about sports - The weather has been glorious here this week - in the high 40's at night and mid 60's during the day -
WOW - weather I can breathe in - I am loving it!!!
It is suppose to be a bit warmer this weekend but I am hoping that more cold air is in the forecast soon!
The Hunnie and the daughter are doing the grocery shopping right now -
I made out the list - but somehow they get distracted and new things are added to the
list - so if they have added anything they will come home and all of a sudden they will butter
me up about how we needed something so they took the initiative and added it to the list.
LOL-they crack me up....!
Okay - before I go on any further - I have noticed that there are some other Maxine lovers
out there - and they have been sharing their Maxine clips - well since my family thinks
that I am as close to Maxine attitude wise as anyone they know - (
we even had the same slippers) I thought I should share mine with you all also....

Okay - it seems like the week has flown by because it is already
so without further ado here are things I am
THANKFUL for today:
1- my Hunnie and Daughter doing the grocery shopping - never complaining!!
2- for the cooler weather - I can breathe
3- for football - just gives me such pleasure to watch and cheer for
4- for Maxine - always knowing exactly what to say for any occasion.
5- for each and everyone of you - always stopping by and leaving such beautiful comments-
WOW - it just blows me away - the kindness shown!
6- for less anxiety - less tears - seems that fog (
depression) is being kept at bay and I am able
to get on the computer so much more often!

WELL - I think I have lingered enough here - Thanks for stopping by and remember
to HUG someone you LOVE!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I know - kind of lazy in my postings - to be honest - I have not felt up to par - lots of headaches - but I have noticed now that the cooler weather has hit the last couple of days - the headaches are
gone - maybe it is something to do with the atmospheric pressure - at least that is my story and I am sticking to
Allen was away all weekend - he decided to head down south
to help out his brother with

fixing some cars that his brother owns - to be honest - this is one of the first times I did not mind. I think Allen needed a break away - he has been keeping himself busy but he also internalizes a lot and I think just getting away for a bit works for him...
the daughter was

home all weekend so I was not alone...we had a nice weekend - pigged out on munchies - played on the puters until the wee hours - laughed at silly stuff - watched football and some cool movies - so all was well.
Allen and Crystalyn did manage to buy some pumpkins last week - the perfect sizes for us...and of course we cannot be normal - so here are our decorated pumpkins--the daughter gets the credit - she amazes me:

Aren't they just the cutest pumpkins - LOL!!!
Okay have a mentioned that our high temps today will be 56 degrees - for Florida in October
that is
COLD - but I am loving it - feels so good - makes the air so much easier to breathe for me!

Now onto a game.....
Well, I got tagged by Anke and Mrs B here are the rules:

* link to the person who tagged you * list 6 random things about yourself * tag 6 new people * let each tagged person know by posting a comment on their blog * link to the 6 people you've tagged * and let the person who tagged you know that you posted

Things you may not know about me - random----
1- The majority of schools I attended, growing up, were private all girls schools
2- I used to own and run a Day Care Center
3- I used to be a party planner for kids parties
4- my first language was Spanish not English -
did not speak English until I was about 5

5- I wrote/developed and taught a life skills program for juvenile offenders
that were given adult state time.

6- I played the piano at a Carnegie Hall concert when I was much younger - played the piano since I was 4 - gave it up sometime in high school - too rusty now!

Okay - these are the peeps I tag - I want some dirt on...LOL
Bill (Bears Den)
Kathy (Field of Dreams)
Chris (Cabs Creations and Chit Chat)
Emmi (Emmi's Snagger Tagger)
Dawn (Carpe Diem)
Marilyn (Marilyn's Creative Angels)

A-L-R-I-G-H-T-Y THEN - I will end this torture here -
Since it is after 6 in the morning I am

guessing I should get some sleep - then again - who needs sleep -
I could go on for hours...LOL.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Looking -
Remember to
HUG someone you LOVE!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Got this idea from Dawn - since I am at a temporary loss to write about anything - thought I would give this a try:
1-for my daughter and hunnie - everyday I know it can be very difficult to put up with
me and my illness - yet every day they find a way to make me smile and surprise me with something of life - God I am blessed~!~
2-for my dogs (all 8 rotties) because I have the safest house in the neighborhood - I am alone alot and my dogs keep people at bay at the street - no one dares come onto the yard - feels good to me - LOL
3-for those blogging friends of mine - that encourage me every step - say the nicest things to me that make me feel welcomed all the time
4-for my art - an outlet I should have pursued eons ago - but am very thankful for now
5-for all of you that posted fall colors (or sent them to me)-
THANK YOU - I am still longing for autumn leaves but seeing them in pics is just inspiring!!
6-for discovering
TWITTER - I am hooked - it is addictive~!~

So what are you thankful for - let me know if you create a list - would love to see it~!~
Thanks for stopping by - remember to
HUG someone you LOVE~!~

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Happy Sunday Everyone-
I have been trying to keep up with everyone -and their new blogs - if I have missed you please let me know - leave me a comment with your blog url so that I can find it and click on follow -which BTW - have you clicked on my FOLLOW - if not please do so-I would so appreciate it - ANYWHO- I have been using the google reader - that is a handy lil gadget - if you have not tried it yet - you should - it would use your blogger sign in that you have now because blogger is owned by google!! (convienent ain't it-lol) but it is really working for me.
Okay - life actually has been extremely boring around here - nothing to talk about hence the lack of entries!(the above lolcat is compliments of DAWN)
It is exactly how I feel!
Usually I am a person who can talk - and since I am home a lot by myself (daughter in college and hunnie off doing stuffies) I have no one to talk to - so you would think I could blog forever but alas - like the cat says I gots the blox!!!!

I did manage to update my art blog - FINDING MYSELF that was a good thing. Right now I am trying to finish a digital painting of a hibiscus but it is going very S L O W L Y!
Now I am sure I have mentioned TWITTER - it is a way to let peeps know what you are doing at the moment - I think you can even send a twitter from your cell phone - I am enjoying it way too much - but have met some super people on it!!! I encourage you all to try twitter out...and if you do - plz let me know so that I can follow you on twitter - I think it is cool - then again - I have way too much time on my hands--LOL!

I did receive a great surprise in the mail this past week - I won a give away - yes yes yes!!!
I have met this lovely person (can't mention her name because I did not ask first) through her blog FIREFLY HILL - she makes her own bags and make up bags and belts and Xmas stockings, etc - absolutely awesome!!! If you have a moment - check out her blog - you will not be disappointed at her talent and Christmas is right around the corner, down the road - any of her creations would make great gifts!! Well she had a give away and I WON!!!
Here is a pic (from her site) of the bag I won - the picture does not do it justice - the makeup bag is absolutely lovely - I am blessed.

I also updated my poetic/inspiration blog ANGELS TOUCH MY HEART..I only have a few stories up - but I am slowly getting that organized also!
OKAY - did I mention that I collect business cards - well I do - I know it is a crazy kind of hobby but fun and inexpensive - I love looking at business cards, I love noticing what fonts and the artwork used and such - quotes that some peeps use on them - things like that - ANYWAY - if you happen to come across business cards -I am begging you to send them my way...
to send 20 business cards costs one postage stamp - I will send you back a new stamp if you want - but I have pretty much collected all the cards from the area I live and now I need to expand and I need everyone's help - SEND ME BUSINESS CARDS!!! if you want to do this - please leave me a comment and I will send you my addy so that you can send any and all that you collect - and even if you send some - KEEP LOOKING FOR MORE - I need need need more business cards (do I sound obsessed or what?)

Okay - I will walk away from that topic for the time being but I reserve the right to come back to it at a later time--LOL!
If you have nothing exciting to do tonight - you could always watch the seahawks (cough cough) play the BUCCANEERS (yayayayay) in football tonight - GO BUCS!!!
Well I hear dinner calling my name so I will end this rambling here - I hope everyone is doing well - and enjoying the cooler weather - here it has been lovely - I think we are starting to dry out (THANK GOD).
Thanks for stopping by - remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


OKAY - I am sure that you all have heard by now about Caylee Anthony - the little three year old girl who has been missing and her misfit mother Cassie that does not give a damn - and most likely helped kill her.

I truly did not want to believe that this mother would kill her child because she had a support system at home where if she felt overwhelmed and no longer able to take care of her kid that her family would jump right in...but NO - this crazy ITCH...has been indicted today for murder one among 6 other charges....this saga has gone on long enough - all the news programs only showed the entire break down about what happened with the Grand Jury for over two hours....every night on the news - actually no matter what time the news is on - there is always some drama about this crappy mother and her lies and stories and on and on and on!!
Crazy people showing up at her parent's house to protest her being there - OMG they are just as crazy as she is....the biggest observation that everyone has noticed that NOT ONCE did this ITCH ever ask to be a part of ANY search for her child...NEVER did she make a plea on TV or in the papers to have people look for her kid...if my kid was missing - I would be going crazy to keep her face in the forefront of the news and beg people to come out and search- I would be a pain in the butt for the police to keep on looking and calling every day to see what progress they have made - but no she lied about EVERYTHING to the police - misleading them on purpose and then becomes uncooperative.......the final straw for me today was seeing her cry crocodile tears because she knew that her ass was going to prison for the rest of her no more partying, which is why people think she did something to her kid because she wanted to be a big partier not bogged down with a kid...OMG...and her lawyer had the nerve to get in front of the cameras and say how sad she is - in his whole speech not once did he mention Caylee and how now the FBI and Police feel she is dead....this has been insane!!!
She is already going to face 15 years in prison for all the check frauds and stealing money from people's bank accounts and such -

The lawyer she has now will NOT be allowed to represent her during the trial - he can be second chair but NOT lead because he has no experience in murder cases and we have a law that states you must have experience in order to represent someone in capital murder cases....there is also a rumor that she wants to represent herself - I hope that is not true because then it would just be a mockery of justice.
My heart goes out to the grandparents of Caylee because they were always pulling to have people look for the little girl - I think the grandmother is really beside herself and does not want to admit her daughter might be a murderer because she might feel it is a reflection on them. All of this must be tearing them up.
Lord - I am just TICKED OFF thoroughly over this ITCH - today just put me over the edge how disgusting she really is!
Okay - I am tired - tho I did manage to get some sleep last night (about 4 hours) so I will stop now before I get some myself crazy again!
If you have heard about this case - let me know how you feel (be nice)...I really want to know!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hug Someone You LOVE!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I just had to use more fall colors - since the leaves do not change here in the sunshine state - I
have this longing to see them this has been about 2o years since I have since a true autumn day full of colorful leaves - I so miss that - if any of you out there take pics of some autumn leaves/colors please send them to me - thanks!!!

So far the weekend has been good - watch some great college football - and YES YES YES..the Florida Gators beat LSU.... the score was 51-21 -what a great game!!!I am presently struggling with some insomnia - but I seem to go through phases of that...tho
right now I could really use a good night's sleep.
We have been having an unusual amount of rainfall this month - usually we dry up in october and go into our dry season but it has been raining every day for almost a week here - tho the temps are a bit cooler - (very low 80's) it just makes for a soggy feeling.

NOW - for even better news - I entered this give away at a blog that I am truly enjoying (NOT an aol refugee) she is having a give away every day this month - pretty cool -anyway - I never win anything but lo and behold I WON...yes a halloween arrived the other is a picture from her blog of the pendant - I put it in the window at my front door for all to see - it is too cute....I wanted to win this so bad because the artist who made it - I just happen to be acquainted with - I think I can say we are friends in blog land - so I am doubly blessed.

Anyway - if you would like a chance to win some fun stuffies - head on over to

Some more good news - I got to chat with my son-who is deployed - he is doing good - army is keeping him busy...he just got back from some specialized training for a week in cool. It does my heart good to know life is good for him...this worrying stuff is aging me...LOL.
BTW - did I mention that the hunnie and daughter had a MAGNIFICIENT time at Universal. I am so glad - Crystalyn took some pictures but not many because it was storming there. But a great time was had by all and they came home exhausted!!! As soon as she uploads any of the pics I will show you all what I can!!!
Well I think I will go check out some blogs before trying to get some zzz's.
Thanks so much for stopping by and Looking!!
Remember to HUG someone you LOVE!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


For some reason - the little spam robots have tagged new blogs that they felt were spam.
Unfortunately one of them was mine - I did not know I could still post - but I finally figured things out...(I am a little slow).
I received a letter from AOL to import my old journal to blogger - it was FAST - and I had 5 years worth of entries...I did import - but it does NOT let you import into a blog you already have. It imports a blog using the name you had at AOL or as close as possible to it...mine was not taken but now I have that blog and this one...GEEZ - what to do what to do!!!
Anyone have any suggestions...I am lost!!!
All my entries and the comments imported over but not in color (just B/W) and all the graphics I had ....but the sidebar does not import - obviously.
I have complained everywhere, by the way, over my blog being flagged. I think my blog went out visiting or something and attracted too much attention because it is so cute (geez - I am getting slap happy over this garbage). I do not know if it is going to let me publish this - there is a word verification thingy I have to do so I am thinking it will...but the impression you get on the dashboard is that you cannot publish anything....there are people waiting over two weeks to get their blogs released - blogger is so far behind. But if I can publish then I am ok with all of this!
It will get resolved sooner or later.
The only thing I could figure out about getting tagged is that I changed my security verification twice in 24 hours - first I had a word verification then I took it off because some people find it hard to see the letters - that is pretty much the most common factor among those that got flagged that I could read in the forum that blogger has at google. It had nothing to do with too many entries - just security because that would cause people to receive spam...that is
bottom line!
Well my anxiety is settling down now...OH by the way...if you want to see how my old
journal imported over here - you can take a look here - ELLIE'S CRAZY LIFE..
Tonight I will be home alone because hunnie and daughter are going to HORROR NIGHTS at the dogs and I will vegetate --BTW - as a surprise I bought them "easy passes" for the night so that they do not have to wait on long lines...YAYAY!!
I hope everyone is having a happy week and let me know if you have stopped by and if you imported your journal from AOL (if you are one of the discarded children from there).
Hug SomeOne You Love ...... PEACE~!~

Sunday, October 5, 2008


WOW - is it me or did this past weekend just fly by - somehow I missed part of friday night and some time on saturday I think...I am not ready for another week to start - oh well...! I do not believe that I have mentioned anwhere - that my baby - my little girl - yes the one who graduated from High School (ugh) just had another birthday - she turned 19...OMG...that also makes me feel So for her birthday we have given her tickets to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Now if you are a BIG halloween buff - love to celebrate it - love haunted houses - then you MUST make a trip to Halloween Horror Nights in Late September or October of whatever year...of course every year the theme changes and the horror gets worse...but it is something you will not forget...It definitely is not for the meek or mild or those that get scared easily. Also if you think you are big and bad - that means nothing during the horror nights...It really is unreal. I do not celebrate "Halloween" per se - but I do celebrate the fall feast and harvest and celebration of that day.... My hunnie is going with her - I think she needs daddy by her side...if not it is still good to have daddy by her side...and Allen REALLY is about the only person I have ever met that does not scare at all - kind of creepy if you ask me...LOL. I think they are going at the end of this week. I am so very happy to sit at home and let them do all that walking and getting scared at ever corner... the monsters and horrific characters come out onto the streets to chase people and do things to thanks - I stay at home and play with the dogs....LOL. (This year's theme is BLOODY MARY - never say Bloody Mary in the mirror 3 times on friday the 13th or on halloween - you never know what will happen!)

Finally I was able to get a new webcam for my puter (
video chats with my son in Japan)..the webcam I had is for windowsXP and the company (creative) is not upgrading the software for it to go with vista - so my hunnie bought me a new one....but it is too dark apparently in my room and you can barely see me - so now I am trying to figure out where to put a lamp so that it lights up the room more. It also seems not clear enough for me - anyone have any suggestions!? I have played with the settings but that is NOT helping!

I am slowly finding my friends from AOL J-LAND...hopefully I will find everyone before their journals disa
ppear from AOL.... It was a good weekend for football - the GATORS won (THANK GOD). Also the won which was nice - Unfortunately Tampa Bay lost - NY GIANTS--GEEZ I wish they could get it together! Well I think I will sign off here - I shall return soon - Thanks for stopping by--- PEACE~!~

Thursday, October 2, 2008


WOW - there has been a mass exodus from AOL journals to the lovely BLOGGER...
All my dear friends from AOL are now here - I am hoping to catch up with as many as possible -
or I hope they find me. AOL has done the last of the final screwing of their customers and has
closed down their web pages and their journals...I believe it might also be their picture storage
area but I am not sure yet...they have given us exactly one month to try and save our pages, journals and pictures before the end of October because come November 1st, they will be gone.

There are some new toys I have discovered on the web - the fun one being TWITTER.
(you can see the lil pink box in my side bar - with my recent messages to all that follow me on twitter). A way to send out short messages to friends and whomever from your cell phone by texting or via the web...just a fun way to keep up to the minute news with friends, family and all.
I have been using TWITTER for I think about two weeks or so and really have enjoyed it.
You might see on web sites - that they tell you to add them to their twitter - because companies are also using TWITTER to keep their customers/clients up to date with news and such.
It is easy and fun and nothing to head on over and check it out for yourself.
If you do join TWITTER - let me know so I can follow you and you can follow me on it.

I also have joined NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) (you can see the lil image on my sidebar). It started out as encouraging bloggers to take the month of November and blog everyday for one month - that is write about whatever you want...just every single day....I always wanted to do it - so I joined their forum (which you do not have to) and I am committed to doing it...It is also one of the goals I set out for myself this year. Since I was sick the first half of the year - I definitely want to accomplish some of my goals - so at least I feel like I have accomplished something.
Check it out for yourself - again let me know if you join - I think it will be a blast!

I should also mention that the daughter has started college - OMG - that officially made me feel old. I am so thrilled for her tho. This semester is NOT thrilling her at all because she has to take all required classes like Math and student life and such so that you can start taking classes of your choice. She is also taking an English (language arts) class, she likes english - but prefers to take creative writing but has to take this english 101 first.
She is attending the local community college for her first two years. She will be getting her A.A. degree in Graphic Designs..and then head to a state university for her B.A. in the same field. It is so much more easier to get into a state university here if you already have all the preliminaires out of the way and you are transferring with a degree already in hand.
Once she gets into her art and design classes she will be a very HAPPY camper...and time will fly by for her.
Here is one of her graduation pictures from High School -

I wrote about some catch up news prior to starting this blog which you can read here at:
Mother & Daughter Prospective...gets into some news that I am leaving out right now!
Well I wanted to get some sort of opening entry here in my blog so that it does not look like I deserted my blog - Thanks for stopping by - PEACE~!~