Tuesday, January 11, 2011


How has the New Year started off  for you?  Are you keeping any of those resolutions you made?  I will be totally honest here – NOPE – I have not even begun my resolutions….well not true – I am working on my word for the year – SPIRITUAL… but I am not down to a routine yet – that makes me crazy!

Last weekend my son and daughter were able to visit my Mom down south (about 4 hours from us)…she had some things for us to pick up and it was the perfect time for the kids to visit and spend some time with her.
I told my daughter to take some pics – so I will share a couple:

My Mom
She has a smile that lights up my life….it makes my heart sing when I see her smile….I soooooo Love it!!

This is one of my favorites – My Son  AJ walking down a corridor with my Mom (his Nana) just talking….I so love it!! It just says love and dreamy to me.

As soon as my daughter uploads the pics of her with my mom I will show you all that one….I know my mom had a great time seeing the kids.
So my daughter uploaded a few pics of the grandkids….so I am showing you all the latest one…she did upload also a video of the babies crawling – OMG…I began to cry…my son on the tape is calling her name and she is doing her best to get to me…she even at one point reaches out her hand to touch him…so very cool – I cried..if I can figure out how to download it from facebook and upload it here I will.

Seeing my grandbabies faces just fills me with such joy….they are just toooooo cute!! She can really hold her head up now – too cool!
My grandson just turned 3 last saturday….getting so big…and what a ham….LOL

So – I think I have pretty much updated you all on what is happening here….I hope if you all live with the snow and ice is plentiful – please stay warm – snuggle with someone or something you love….the cold again is going to hit the sunshine state tomorrow – so it is time to put the sweat pants and sweat shirts on again…I never thought I would ever say that living in Florida but it is true!!

THANK YOU for stopping by…I so appreciate the support…remember to HUG those you LOVE…because you are only guaranteed this one moment-now!


Monday, January 3, 2011

HAPPY 2011


I hope that the holidays were absolutely beautiful for you and yours.
The holidays were really wonderful here for us…quiet yet really fun and calm and full of surprises…just like the holidays should be.  I was going to leave a Christmas entry and then A New Year’s entry but truly I was enjoying such a relaxing time that I have become way too lazy…lol.

So have you made any resolutions for the New Year..(can you believe it is already 2011—WOW)
My goals (resolutions never worked for me) for 2011 are:
1-Blog More (keeping my fingers crossed)
2-take more pictures
3-get more organized (this is going to take all year-lol)
4-to feel good about me (this is going to be the hardest)

Do you chose a WORD for the New Year in which you make your “mantra”….I usually do and this year My Word for 2011 is: SPIRITUAL/SPIRITUALITY
I am feeling very drawn to building on my spiritual life and to become more solid, more grounded in it.

My Wishes For You My Friends: (in no particular order)
1-to be creative
2-to be Thankful at least once a day for “whatever”
3-to be spiritual – make that a priority in your life
4-to be happy
5-to always dream
6-to Love those that enrich your life
7-to walk away from drama/negativity
8-to believe in yourself
9-to laugh at least once a day (I recommend more much often)
10-to always be Kind To One Another

Well that was my first message for this Glorious New Year…I hope you find everything you are searching for in 2011…and that love and happiness surround you always!