Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In the time I have been on my so called sabbatical----I became even more dependent on our rotties—since I was home all the time with them---they were my company---along the way---we lost two for different reasons---however recently we lost my rottie----the one I picked just for me---the one that I snuggled with and talk to and played with and snuck french fries to you---My beloved Athena--


The above picture was taken this past Xmas-----she had the most gentle of spirit---so loving---so faithful—and just melted my heart.
Everyone who met her----fell in Love---just the Best Companion.
I guess her time came-----she laid down—her breathing was a bit labored---and just closed her eyes and was gone. I am still not over it. I miss her beyond words---My Companion---My Athena---Strong—Loving---so very Faithful----just breaks my Heart.

Thanks for Reading/listening---PEACE

Saturday, August 4, 2012



I mentioned yesterday that I have been working on ideas --- touching bases back with my art…. So I thought I would show you a piece I recently finished---would love feedback if you want…


I Love how bright the flowers are----I digitally painted this using a mouse only-----I am still very critical of myself because i really don’t want to make mistakes—but i am learning to move with the mistakes----and be happy with them.

I seem to be drawn to painting flowers----so that is where I am happiest right now---and that gives me the motivation to keep moving forward with it!!!!

Again – Thanks For Stopping By---PEACE!!!


Friday, August 3, 2012


hello watery

WOW- Over 18 months I have been gone. I would apologize but to be honest-I am not sorry. I needed a total break from everything. From always feeling like I had to blog to creating art to keeping my face book up to date etc etc etc.

It has NOT BEEN EASY at all---have gone through some devastating loses in my family that have tore up my heart—to watching my grandchildren grow—to praying that my son stays safe in afgan—to getting over some major health issues—to learning to deal with many fears…I could go on and on but why bore anyone.

Slowly but surely some creative ideas have been stirring about-and I am slowly moving forward with them.

In the last 18 months—i have learned to notice how beautiful the day can be….how beautiful it is to hear my kids call me and say “I Love You”…..I have learned to become very comfortable with just me being at home….I have learned that I am getting older but it is a good thing. I guess I have used the last 18 months for self-reflection and it has helped me be okay with me a bit more…I needed that.

I may blog tomorrow or I may not----it just depends on what the day brings me---and truly I am ok with that.
I have missed so many people tho---that I do regret---but I needed this time for me—if I did not have it----I am sure I would be a mental case by now… that was the road i was heading down on.

I hope Life has treated you all well and that you are Blessed!!
I know I am!! "
We Will Talk Again Soon---PEACE!!!