Sunday, December 5, 2010


WOW…life sure does get away from me…..FIRST – I want to THANK all you dear friends who sent me get well wishes and positive healing thoughts and prayers my way….I so very much appreciate it all from the bottom of my heart. I must say I have NEVER been that sick in my life…. not to be too graphic but being sick to my stomach (throwing up) for over a week and then still not being able to eat for another ten days after that…and still recovering is crazy. There is some sort of stomach infection/virus going around college campuses here and of course my daughter caught it and sure enough I caught it from her. OMG – you feel like someone beat you senseless afterwards…. every muscle in my body started cramping..and I definitely lost at least 20 pounds easily…INSANE!!!

This is the first week I have been able to sit at the computer for any amount of time. Believe it or not – it has taken me a couple of days to just type up this much – sitting at the computer is still uncomfortable but there is NOT much I can do so I am trying to do things in small steps.

I must say that I am truly BLESSED beyond mere words…my daughter is OUTSTANDING….she took care of me, without me even asking…she saw to my every need and even slept near by so if I woke up she was there for me….OMG she is truly my angel. When she was at school…my hunnie did his best to help out…I must say he gives the BEST back rubs….now back rubs are dreamy…lol.

Just a few catch up items….Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL….OMG---my hunnie and daughter did all the cooking and it was SUPREME….I could not have asked for better company or better food…I am so BLESSED. I am totally done with my Christmas shopping – actually I was done by Thanksgiving week….Thank God for the internet…and I must say – I have out did myself this year—I just know that everyone will LOVE LOVE LOVE their gifts….I am so excited. Did I mention yet that I received my Christmas gifts this year already….it is great for me…because I so dislike waiting….lol….my hunnie and daughter bought me a brand new recliner – it actually lays back (mine was broken so it did not)…it is a dream…I LOVE it!!!! I also received a food processor (have always wanted one but there were always so expensive) but hunnie found one on sale he could not resist…LOVE it!!! We have already used it a few times…it is wonderful!!! So I have been totally spoiled…and BLESSED!!!

Well I think taking a couple of days just to write one simple entry is a bit much so I am going to end my babbling here and finally publish this entry before any more time goes by….THANKS for stopping by and saying hello….I hope to stay in touch more often…I do so miss hearing from everyone! Remember to HUG those you LOVE….time is just too short to waste!!


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