Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In the time I have been on my so called sabbatical----I became even more dependent on our rotties—since I was home all the time with them---they were my company---along the way---we lost two for different reasons---however recently we lost my rottie----the one I picked just for me---the one that I snuggled with and talk to and played with and snuck french fries to you---My beloved Athena--


The above picture was taken this past Xmas-----she had the most gentle of spirit---so loving---so faithful—and just melted my heart.
Everyone who met her----fell in Love---just the Best Companion.
I guess her time came-----she laid down—her breathing was a bit labored---and just closed her eyes and was gone. I am still not over it. I miss her beyond words---My Companion---My Athena---Strong—Loving---so very Faithful----just breaks my Heart.

Thanks for Reading/listening---PEACE

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Rue said...

So sorry for your loss. It is such a difficult thing when our beloved four-legged family leaves us. I had a Rottweiler too - she was my joy. Peace and healing for your heart.