Monday, January 14, 2013


faith taking the first step

When you begin the spiritual journey and you start to step into your truth ~ people around you may not like that! Many do not want to know their truth...... They are more comfortable in the world of illusions and unconsciousness ~ and when you begin to change, it may create fear within their being. They will do their best to keep you at their level of vibration. This is a test....a spiritual initiation you must move through!
In order to move through this test with ease and grace it is best to not get sucked into their duality. There is no need to explain yourself or your new awareness ~ because oftentimes, they will not have "ears to hear or eyes to see".....sometimes it is best to stay silent and smile.
Never let their unconsciousness become not accept their projections, beliefs, opinions and criticisms of who they "think" you are into your reality! There is no way someone who does not know who "they" are could possibly know who "you" are.
Stay aligned with your heart and become the example for them to follow.....move yourself away from the duality of conflict. KNOW who you are, and BE IT! You will radiate happiness, joy and inner peace to everyone you come in contact with, and this way of being is infectious and transformational! -anonymous

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