Friday, September 7, 2012


I have a few blogs – one I was using to participate in special programs—one for my art—one for my every day life—one for poetry----well so many and I really cannot keep up with any of them. I also have discovered that I really need to remove my blog from face book networking---at first I thought was  a great idea  that would be for exposure for my blog but I am now discovering that there are certain people that I could careless if they ever read my blog again. I have felt myself give and give and have cared and been concerned and have tried to utmost to be supportive yet NOTHING in return----and not that i really did anything for anything in return---but human decency makes it pretty easy to just say hey – Hi there and I care…..!!!!

As you can tell this is my bitch session---I rarely have them but when I do I really tend to go just ramble on about the things that ticked me off. But to be honest the point of me writing this was to try and figure out what i am going to do with some many blogs and not enough time to keep up with them.

So for now (unless something else inspires or motivates me) I am going to use this blog “The Crazy Life” as my everything blog—to bitch – complain – share – show what I am doing in my art – tell off people – write about events in my life – well you get the idea---now if this should turn people off----OH WELL----as my father would say-Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord Split you”.

If you stay---well bless your heart---you just might like the new format---the new me---the new ideas I will be throwing out there. You just never know. I still don’t know how often I will keep up with the blog – but now that most of everything will be combined—I think it will feel more complete and flow better and perhaps even be more interesting!

So for now---PEACE---Love Those Around You—Life Is Short!!!!
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Anke Martin said...

You go Ellie! I am all with you!

Smiles you way, Anke :))))

Can so relate with you :)))

Marilyn said...

I'm always here for you, Ellie!!!!