Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have never been one to discuss politics (perhaps with the exception with family members) but I have found that discussing politics or religion brings out the best and worst in people….so I avoid that added stress.

I feel compelled right now though to say that I am tired of hearing people complain about what they do and do not like about both Obama and Romney. If  you do not like how the government is doing things—how our nation is moving ---then VOTE DAMMIT…put your vote where your mouth is. You voted these people in or you will be----from local sheriffs to county commissioners to mayors, governors,senators,house of representatives, to the president------VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE----vote for what you want ---let your vote speak for you---write letters to your government officials telling them you don't like what they are doing and if they don't fix it you will use that powerful tool you have and help vote them out….DO IT!!! I DARE YOU TO DO IT!!!
---write letters---start a blog and express what you think and feel--- write a letter to the editor of your newspaper—express your feelings—DO SOMETHING!!!


Personally the last election and this election—I am just not into either candidate—I can no longer tell where the lies begin and end and if the truth is somewhere in there----I do know That Obama made one statement when he first became President visiting another country apologizing for the American people and how arrogant we are---that one statement will get me to vote for the other candidate---I could not believe he said it and I will never forget it---

I am to the point that the commercials are garbage as far as politicians are concerned---do your own research----read---ask questions---and use your voice and VOTE---if you don't vote you have absolutely no right to bitch—if you don't do something to change what you don't like-you have no right to bitch---so again I DARE YOU ---DO SOMETHING AND VOTE!!!

Love Those Around You……..PEACE

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