Sunday, August 15, 2010


Summer Time is in full swing here – HOT and HUMID and STICKY and well just miserable unless you are inside in the AC.

Of course – I am inside in the AC – soaking up every second of cool air that I can get…
I wish I could tell you that we are moved in finally into the new computer room but that would be a lie…I think we have all become totally lazy and procrastination is our mantra because the heat arrived and nothing is getting done.

Today tho we are making progress – we are going through A LOT of junk in the old puter room and throwing out a ton of garbage…that way we know exactly what is going to the new room without the junk~We are also setting up a craft area for me – that was the original reason for me moving into another room, just not enough room for all my hobbies and such.

I will still be sharing the puter room with the honey tho I am thinking perhaps he needs to move into a different area – I don’t want him to cramp my new style – LOL.

Other News—both AJ and Crystalyn are ready to go for a new semester in school – Crystalyn passed her summer courses with a 3.0 so I am a happy camper—college starts here on August 30th….all other school start on the 23rd. My daughter is counting down the days until she turns the BIG 21OMG I cannot believe that she is going to be that old. Where has all the time gone – I can still remember like it was yesterday picking her up at pre-K and her being so proud of her day and telling me all about it…and now she is in college and experiencing a whole new life and meeting some wild and wonderful people…OH to be young again.

Have you noticed that Pre-season football has started… I am in complete heaven – so many games to watch and so little time to keep up with them….lol. I am truly excited about football season – I think it is going to be exciting with all the new rookies and changes that have taken place---all the teams so far are truly looking good!

I am still working on my creations – and have even taught myself the basics of knitting and I am attempting to knit a baby blanket for my new grand daughter—then again if it does not turn out right – it can used to cushion her car seat or stroller—LOL.

Just wanted to do a quick update – nothing much huh?
Thanks for stopping by and reading—Remember to HUG those you LOVE – time is so precious and moves so quickly----PEACE~!~


Carlene Noggle said...

Ellie, it is so hot here too. The air conditioner in the kitchen part at my job broke this week, so we have been miserable! I can't believe your daughter is turning 21!!! Wow! Hope you have been doing okay.
love ya,

LYN said...

Hasn't it been awful this summer Ellie? I was just watching new4jax and they said we are in our 43rd consecutive day in the 90's!! eww!!