Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yes it is true - the wayward son has returned home. My son AJ decided to return home so
that he could go to school here for criminal justice....I am so very proud of him.
I know he wishes that he could be working right now as a firefighter - (
which is what he was trained for in the army) but jobs are just not out there - so going to school is a great thing.
His major opens the doors for so many fields - I just know he will do great!
School starts towards the end of the month.....Now Crystalyn is making quite a name for herself......her Ceramics professor is so impressed
with her clay work - that her creations will be in a gallery show all of the fall semester.
She gets a shelf (
area) to herself for her pieces - the background of the display will be panoramic
pictures of a volcano and islands..because the 'Lil Monsters' she created came from such a
place and are now here---(
her imagination is amazing also)
Yesterday he collected all of her pieces - I think it saddened her a bit because she had
to part with them -but she is excited to be part of a show.
She was also asked if she had other pieces because there is a second show that her work would
be great at - and she said yes - so this is
WONDERFUL for the girl - I am so very proud
of her---she just amazes me!
Now my other son who is still in the army - should be heading to the states around
September 9th - I cannot wait to see him and his wife and my new grandchildren--
what a great blessing to the family!
Then he reports to Fort Stewart by October 1st.
I am still fighting with WC about my meds - this is stressing me out more then I can
handle at this point.....they send me to their doctors and go through their tests and
then the dr prescribes meds and they deny them - any of this make sense?
Well we will see what happens - the lawyer put in paperwork against them again--so
just another obstacle to get over.Have been keeping busy with my zandoodles (I have renamed them from zentangles),
creating in the comfort of the sweet AC. The heat is just unreal this summer!
There is just no rain and we are under a water advisory so vegetable gardens are just
not thriving this year - it is sad!
Thanks For Stopping By - I appreciate the visit~!~
In the meantime - Hug those you LOVE - time is just too short~!~

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Coelha :B said...

:) Glad to hear things are going well, and your kids will all be back home soon! :) We are having unseasonably cold weather here too--weird--I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.. :) Take care - Julie