Monday, August 23, 2010


It has been the weekend of ALMOSTS….let me explain….
*We almost moved into the new puter room
*We almost had the satellite working in the new puter room
*I almost received my WC disability check
*The new kitchen cabinets were almost completed

So now here are the stories……We put my satellite box into the new puter room and hooked it up to my new hdtv flat screen TV…no matter what we tried (after three or more hours) we could not get the darn thing to work….it should have worked but then again- knowing the satellite company you would have to tell them you are changing rooms so that they can charge you for it. (I do not know that for a fact – but it would not surprise me).

We almost moved the stuffies from the old computer room to the new one but there was still a LOT of items from the new flooring and paint items that were still in the new room – so there was still too many things that had to be moved and cleaned – so the move did not take place.

I usually receive my WC disability check on Fridays – at the latest – it shows up in my bank on Saturday mornings---well no direct deposit on Friday so I just thought - “okay—I have to wait until Saturday”……we Saturday came and went and NOTHING….no deposit – now I am thoroughly annoyed…and a bit TICKED. So I thought - “okay-Monday morning it will be there” I was so WRONG…I then got on the phone to call the people in charge and sure enough---with a snippy attitude a rep said that I am actually NOT due a check until today Monday…so check my account after 12 noon….I am trying my best to remain calm – however… 3 pm I checked my account and NOTHING….NO DEPOSIT… I called my lawyer – trying to explain this to his legal assistant….and she says she will discuss the issue with him and get back to me – well it is just short of 5pm here and NOTHING…I am LIVID.

I am sick and tired of having to deal with the state and I promise you – that they are doing this on purpose so that I will settle out my case for a mere nothing so that they do not have to be responsible for my health care anymore. (the meds are about $650 a month at least – the oxygen is a couple of hundred a month and the doctor is an easy couple of hundred a month) (so they are paying dearly for destroying my lungs).  I am SO DONE… I am sure that the lawyer and his assistant got paid this past Friday – so they are in no rush because it does not personally affect them.

So that was my weekend of ALMOSTS …. I could have gotten more accomplished had I stayed in bed.

I am not bummed out actually – I know all things will come together – I just really dislike not getting things done!
However – I did get to watch some good football – looks like it is going to be a good season – I did manage to still create – so that kept my head busy – and I am still knitting away….and a bonus is I received more pictures of my grandchildren so that, of course, made me a happy camper.

THANKS for stopping by – Remember to HUG those you LOVE – because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow~!~


Mary said...

Hi Ellie, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you.

It's pretty dang frustrating when our plans do go as expected isn't it??!!

It's hard to wait, at least it is for me!!!!

Glad you got some creative time in, that always helps me!! :)

mrsb said...

Make sure to check out the winner posts!!

Evelyn said...

Hope it works out soon and the check arrives.