Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I already voted by absentee ballot (
thank God for those) and was done with that last week or so.
I am so done with all the political ads on TV.
Now we wait!!!
I do not care about who you vote for just
It seems this election is going to be close and crazy - so make sure that your voice is heard!
Well that is it for me as far as political talk.

Heard from the wayward son - he is fine - doing his army thing - the news he had to report is that he got a promotion - YAYAYAY!
I am really happy for the kid - he is talking about re-enlisting next year- I reserve my opinion on that - but if it is what he truly wants then I am all for it!

Well - this entry is a short one - just wanted to make sure I got my voice out there and encouraged all of you to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
Thanks for stopping by - Remember to HUG those you LOVE!


Rose said...

I voted weeks ago via Absentee Ballot.

I hope everyone gets out to vote...certainly very important.

I love your Journal...very refreshing.

Hugs, Rose

Sugar said...

i did a post re vote yesterday!
voted absentee already. :)

Tabby said...

I will be going after work to vote. I am going to be so glad when all this is over, Im sick of watching it on t.v. Congrats to your son on his promotion. Have a wonderful day!

Emmi said...

I'm voting after lunch today. Hoping for a BIG surprise!!! Congrats to your son.

Bill said...

OK, You have given me my laugh for the day. I voted in early voting. I can just sit back and listen to the REAL "BS" now.
My Regards, Bill

Monica said...

I voted - waited over two hours but, I VOTED! :-)


Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I voted this evening after work. You must be so proud of your son, worried but proud! HUGS

Betty said...

I voted but things did not turn out as I would have hoped. :(