Thursday, November 20, 2008


I cannot believe another week has flown by...geez - the time is flying and I am so not ready
for holidays or anything!
Before I get to THANKFUL THURSDAY....let me catch you all up on life here.
Last week the Shuttle Endeavour went up to the space station - it was a night flight - and the last one for the shuttle mission. You would think because we live in Florida that Floridians have seen hundreds of flights take off and we are used to it...but that is so NOT true...
every flight there is traffic for hours on end just to see it night or just takes your breath away to just be here so close yet so far is amazing!
A night flight is awe inspiring...the beauty of it just cannot be captured in words - the experience
of seeing it speaks volumes...
my daughter went outside to get some pictures but they are a bit blurry but I am going to share with you all...just to get a sneak peek at a shuttle experience - (in case you have never seen it).

The above picture is after about 30 seconds into the lit up the sky as if it was
daylight - so awesome.....all the high school football games STOPPED when the shuttle went
up because the skies looked like the middle of the day - it was amazing...
as you can see there were alot of cloud cover which will explain the next picture....

The above picture is when the shuttle hit the high clouds and those are the colors that it put off.
Absolutely outstanding - you just cannot help but be in awe seeing it in person.
The green hues were wild.

NOW - I am also involved in a little world peace project going on (I just happen to stumble upon it - it is interesting). It is called People Migration. There is a lady from Montana who is an artist and she made clay figure (small) that she just calls people...she decided to promote world peace by offering to send these people to other people - who would share some of the people with people they knew...with the people you keep - you take pictures of things that the people are doing....(is any of this making sense?) She initially made 910 clay people...and does not
charge anyone for mailing them to you...she just wants you to play along and take pictures of what these people are doing...all in the spirit of peace and how cool is that.
Anyway - I got my people the other day and this is the picture of their arrival:

Now one of these people will be heading to Canada to a friend of my daughter's so that she can enjoy a people and take pictures of a people in Canada.....
One is heading to Japan to the wayward son....I am sure a people would love to see what army life is like...and my son is crazy enough to jump right in on this project...
on the bottom of each clay person is a note tucked up inside that tells you about the project and where to email or upload the pics to....
What a positive way to get people together to do Good!!!

Okay that was all the fun onto THANKFUL THURSDAY...
Here we go:
1- I am thankful for the people migration project and for my people - something fun and to be creative how cool an idea!!!
2- I am thankful for my hunnie making me some awesome coffee this past has been
especially delicious...and in the cool weather - just perfect!
3- I am thankful for the MUCH cooler/cold weather - it feels wonderful to breath it all
in and not feel stiffled or struggling to take a breath.
4- I am thankful for my hunnie planning out Thanksgiving dinner...he even did the grocery shopping for it...I am blessed!
5- I am thankful for my bird SPIKE who has found it even more necessary lately to mimic the words I am saying - he is just cracking me up...he already says quite a few words but lately
he is going

So what are you THANKFUL for......?
Well I think I have made up for not writing any entries this past week...
I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week...and how exciting - ESPN NFL NETWORK has a football game now on thursday - so you know where I will be...LOL
Remember to HUG someone you LOVE~!~


Emmi said...

Cool pics. The week has flown by for me as well.

cw2smom said...

Hello Ellie! Oh I am envious of your ability to see the Space Shuttle launch! What beautiful photos you captured! The kids and I got to see the Stealth Fighter/Bomber in flight the other day and it's just amazing! We live quite close to Edwards Air Force Base, where it lives and it's the alternate site for the Shuttle landings when you all have bad weather! Love your Thankful Thursdays and I am needing to do mine as well...I can't believe it's Thursday already either! I love the idea of the people migration! How fun! I may have to check into it as well!
Blessings, Lisa

Tabby said...

Hi Ellie,

I sure wish I got to see the space shuttle launch the pictures are very cool even if a little blurry. What a great idea (the people). I forgot to do my list yesterday but I am glad you have lots to be thankful for. Enjoy that coffee! Have a wonderful weekend.

Marilyn said...

I love the people idea. How did I go about getting some?

Sacred Suzie said...

Shuttle...very cool! Clay people? Even cooler! I love this idea. It reminds of Amelie a little. Beautiful.

Betty said...

How exciting! Lucky you! Great pics!
The people is great, how can we enroll or get some? Feel free to send me the link on my email. That is a great idea.

Kelly said...

I love the people migration project! What a cool idea!