Sunday, November 2, 2008


It is sunday night and I must say that I have enjoyed a wonderful weekend full
of football and play time on the puter.
OMG - have I mentioned yet that the GATORS kicked some major butt against the
Georgia Bulldogs - YAYAYAYAY - the final score 49-10 that was a butt stomping of a game!
Then I watch Texas Tech play number 1 TEXAS...and TEXAS went was
glorious! This means that the FLORIDA GATORS move up in the standings even more - (is that success that I smell in the air - lol).
Then Today - in the NFL - Buffalo wins - Giants win, Tampa Bay Wins and I am presently watching the Colts leading the Patriots. Just a great weekend in sports - at least for!

Yesterday I began my month long commitment to NABLOPOMO (National Blog Posting Month) and Soul Coaching and AEDM (Art Every Day Month). It might seem like I am
over loading myself - but I really wanted to push myself into accomplishing something fairly short term and creative and it would benefit me both spiritually and emotionally. All three things pretty much intertwine together - but I really want to complete them all.

So every day I am adding another item that I have created in some form here at my art blog
I am blogging every day at my collaborative blog about my walk through Soul Coaching which also covers me with NABLOPOMO. You can find that here:
Free feel anytime to drop by those other blogs and check out what is going on...there is
still time to join in on the fun if anyone is interested...if I can do it - trust me - anyone can do it!

Well I Thank You All for stopping by - Remember you can always find me on TWITTER (hint hint) have you at least checked it out really gets addicting because you just send out short messages about what you are doing or anything really - and you can follow other people and find out what they are doing...I love this stuff...(I think I need a real life - LOL)
Remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!
PEACE~!~P.S. Here Is A Maxine For You All!


LYN said...

go gators!!
did I mention I was in savannah Georgia this weekend...LOL..they were not happy... ;-P

Winivere said...

Ell! Thank you for visiting my journal & for all the awesome comments. Makes me happy! So happy we foun* each other again! I love you!

Sacred Suzie said...

It sounds like you're throwing yourself into life like a huge pile of leaves, how could that be bad?

I'm glad the candles are helping, I need to do that more now that I am back home.

That is the coolest, that the ocean actually heals. As a pagan, I thoroughly believe this and am so happy to hear the medical community believes it too. I wish I were closer to the water. One day...

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...Oh Lordy, I am tempted to check out twitter but I'm so hopelessly clueless plus I probably wouldn't get anyone talking back because I'm always at work...ugh. If I get addicted, that's one more 12 step program I need to do.

I did my random things but braindead me did 7. Dang, it's hell to get old. HUGS

Tabby said...

Glad your team won, Go Gators! I'm glad you had a good weekend. I actually joined twitter and I have it on my cell phone too, but played with it one weekend and stopped. If I remember to check it out again I will add you to follow :) Hope you have a wonderful day, I love you tag at the top of the post too.