Sunday, November 30, 2008


WOW - First I want to THANK YOU all for the great Thanksgiving wishes.
We had a beautiful time - it was just my hunnie and daughter and I - small, intimate and absolutely delicious.
Allen actually cooked the turkey - melt in your mouth...Crystalyn made all the side dishes that
were flawless...and I - I was the slave driver and enjoyed every minute of it...LOL.
Truly we had such a beautiful meal, laid back and watched football and just pigged out.
I loved every second of it!
We had enough leftovers for the next day and that was it...we were piglets.
We heard from our son overseas - he sounded homesick because it is the holidays but
it was nice to hear his voice and spend some time with him.

Then, of course, we had to watch rivalry saturday in college football...we made
homemade chili (YUMMO) and we were glued to the TV.
The best news is that the GATORS WON (my team) against the SEMINOLES (my hunnie's team)
YES YES YES - another year of bragging rights!!!
They kicked butt - Gators 45--to Seminoles 15.
That was a smear!!

Now this past month - I have been participating in a class called SOUL COACHING...
I truly enjoyed every second of it and met some supreme peeps...
Every day we had to write about whatever the topic had been that day...
I blogged about it at my other blog if you ever want to check it out:

Because I had to blog every day for the class - I joined in on NABLOPOMO which is
National Blog Posting Month....I did it!!!
I managed to blog every single day for the month of November!!
I was also part of Art Every Day Month for November - I created an ATC card (my choice of medium and expression) - every single day for the whole month of November.
Now that was a creative flow that I hit right on the money - because all the cards just flowed putting them together - I did not struggle once with what to do or what direction
to go into - I love it!!
If you want to check out all the ATC card creations I made they are on my art blog:
I am so proud of myself - three projects that I started and finished and did not
let my illness and depressive fog interfere or overpower me.
Truly - if you just knew how much I struggle every day to get up and do something
those three projects being completed are family has been so supportive and have noticed the difference!

Okay - there were some of you that asked about the PEOPLE MIGRATION project that
I was getting involved with....PLEASE email me (addy in my profile) that you are interested and I will send you the email address of the lady that created them...and she can send you your own people.
So before college let out for the holiday, my daughter brought a people to her college to hang out with her at the library while she worked on a project...she has named her people "FAT LOUIE" my daughter has a vivid sense of fun and here is the start to
the people living here with us...Fat Louie at a college library:

the above is fat louie listening to ACDC (with headphones) on the puter.

this is fat louie - looking up myspace pages!!

This is Fat Louie phone texting people migration!!

This is going to be fun - you can tell we just go crazy - with any project - we will constantly be
including our people in our every day lives and that way - you can see where this project goes..and the daughter is thinking of making our people their own blog - OMG - she has gone over the deep end - but I like it.....LOL!

Remember that little Christmas tree that I purchased last year and took pics to show you all?
Well anyway - we decided to not put it outside this year....we have brought it into the puter room since that is the room we use the most etc...
So our little tree fits perfectly on top of our file cabinet (short one) and is decorated.
I will upload pics next time...It really looks cute and even the hunnie thought it
was a great I am always looking at the great light and a few trinkets on it!!
We bought potted evergreen trees (about 4 feet tall each) - and that is what we are going to put
outside. I think it will look neat - of course I will take pics of that too and show you all!
We took the majority of pics off my wall in front of my puter for Christmas cards so that they are the backdrop for the tree...I think it is going to look cool!

BTW - if you would like to exchange home addresses for a christmas card exchange
PLEASE email me and I will send you my address and then you can send yours to me..
I would love to get cards from you all - you are my peeps...and for the first time
since I became ill - I am so IN THE MOOD to do fun things for the holidays and this
is one of them!!
So please do not be shy - I will NOT share your address with any one for anything....I just want to send out some christmas cheer!
Well I think I have rambled on enough - so I will end my small novel now.
Thanks for stopping by - remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!!


Rapunzel said...

Ellie, we were thrilled about the Gator win as well! *grin*

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Winivere said...

So happy to hear your TG was better than mine! LOL... Would love to get a card from you!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Gosh, girl, you do have some projects going. WTG for posting every day in November. Fighting the fog is a toughie. LOL at the Gators and Seminoles. I have friends in Jacksonville who are Seminole fans. We hear about it all the time. Hugs

D said...

watched that gator game :) Congrats... now fat louie.. ummm.. he looks a bit perverted. LOL
love ya

Missie said...

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! Enjoy your week.

Sacred Suzie said...

Way to go doing all of those fun activities and participating successfully! Impressive. I'm glad Thanksgiving was such a success as well, sounds perfect to me.

That's OK about the dreamboards. Don't force it. Let it happen or let it go. It's up to you!

Tabby said...

Hi Ellie,

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Congrats on your Gator's win too!!! Good job on completing your projects. I just love the picture of the people. Have a wonderful day!

Firefly Hill said...

Hi Ellie,

Sounds like you have a lot going on...I love to be busy too and that is so easy this time of year. Your soul coaching class sounds very interesting. Thanks for visiting me and all of your kind comments!!


Betty said...

Happy to hear you had a good thanksgiving!
I love those "people" persons! that's fat louie right? lol!


Genie Sea said...

SO full of life and purpose! I love your recounting of your Thanksgiving! Perfect :)

YaY for bragging rights! ;)

You are such an inspiration my dear. When others in perfect health bemoan their lives and deem themselves bored, LOOK at YOU! :) Congratulations! You rock!

Blessed be!

Lesley Denford said...

Sounds like you've been doing some wonderful things lately Ellie! I love reading about your accomplishments. All the best to you and your family. :)

Sacred Suzie said...

I miss you! I bet you're hibernating like I was. Enjoy every second of it!

Holly said...

Hi Ellie! It's so great to hear from you! It sounds like things are well with you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!!

Bill said...

Ellie My Friend, Just a note to say Hi and let you know I'm finally catching up on my Journal Reading. I've been a bit preoccupied lately. I hope you are in the holiday spirit and are ready for some real fine days. My Regards, Bill.

JoHn'S wOrLd said...

Ellie,I enjoy readin your blogs.You are involved with a lot of different groups thats great.Do you know of any on line classes that are good to take.Im looking to get into photography.Also something for my Church like Public Relations.Maybe you know of some.Can you stop by my blog and let me know

Monica said...

Hi Ellie,

I know it's a crazy time of the year. I just wanted to stop by and check in on you. Make sure all is well.

Been thinking about you!


Bill said...

Stop in and let us all know how you are doing.
Happy Holidays
My Regards, Bill

Kathy said... this thing on? LOL

Going to check out your other blog that you mentioned.

Hope to see you back here soon.

beachmom15 said...

Hi Ellie, I don't know which blog you check the most. I just wanted to drop by and say hi! Hope you have a great week.
Lisa (lisita15)

Amanda said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))I came acroo your Blog through D desgins,I saw that you have a Son in the service,I have been looking to find to write letters to the men and women in service.Would your Son love a letter?I know I have you on my FB,dont get on there much.Have a good one and it sounds like you had a nice Thanks givine.

disa said...