Thursday, November 6, 2008


WOW - it seems to me that the weeks are just flying by - it is already THANKFUL THURSDAY!
I am liking the idea that I am keeping this a regular routine - at least it gets me to my blog - this is a good thing...
before I get to that tho - I have been following through on my commitment to creating
art everyday - have had some wonderful reactions to my ATC cards - this is a good thing
because it is just feeding my soul with positive energy and reinforces what I feel is the right
track I am on!
I also have been faithful to the soul coaching class I am taking - have really woken up to a lot of feelings, issues, energies, just things that I did not realize much more growing left to do but it is also feeding my soul!

WOW - the election is over - and "none of the above" did not win - so I guess we will see
what direction our nation heads for! Thank God for NO MORE political ads - now that was getting on my nerves!
The weather has been pleasant - not too cool but comfortable - this is good because I can breathe!

Now - in case you have not heard - the case of the toddler missing CAYLEE is taking on many directions....Cassie Anthony's lawyer sent in a 30 page brief claiming that if anything happened to Caylee - it was an accidental overdose...WHAT WHAT WHAT- I cannot believe this chick and her lawyer - Cassie made some claim in some statement that the Orlando Police will never break her - if she was innocent what is there to break - well now we know - she used chloroform on her daughter and it was too much and she died...OMG - I would not be surprised if something happened to this chick once she is put in regular population - they can only keep her separated in county jail but NOT IN STATE...she is in for the surprise of a lifetime!
Her murder trial will be insane - I can see it now! EquuSearch is holding the biggest search in Orlando this coming weekend - they are determined to find this child - I pray they do just to give her grandparents true closure - because they are just so torn they do not know what to do!

okay - time for THANKFUL THURSDAY!!!
1- I am thankful for my family who let me sleep today because I had such a migraine - bless their hearts!
2- For my dogs - who kept those who were drumming up votes for their politicians house to house, at bay - never had to deal with any - YAY
3- For the cooler weather - I can breathe
4- For that creative spirit still stirring inside me - it has allowed me to create everyday this past week - WOW this is saying A LOT
5- For football - I just cannot get enough of it - I just love cheering on teams
6- Again for you my friends - thanks for your kind, caring, encouraging, inspiring comments - they truly feed my soul and heart and make me want to keep coming back without feeling
overwhelmed or alone~!~

What are you THANKFUL for this week - share!!!
Thanks for stopping by - Remember to HUG those you LOVE!!


Monica said...

I'm thankful we found each other again!

That was good the family let you sleep off the migraine. It's so hard to function let alone move when you have one. I take you are feeling better now?


Rapunzel said...

Ellie, I hope your migraine is long gone this morning! xoxoxo

Tabby said...

Good Morning Ellie,

I sure hope that migraine is gone soon. I cannot believe that woman I hope she gets the chair if they have that still. Great Thankful list, I forgot to do mine yesterday. I hope today is a wonderful Friday for you.
Tabby :)

Lesley Denford said...

Love that you're thankful for your dogs - I would be so thankful if I had a dog too! They're wonderful.

Have an awesome weekend! :)

cw2smom said...

I am thankful that I have a new, very positive friend like you here in Blogger! Thanks for your comments! Hope you are feeling better and that you've got a great weekend ahead! Keep on creating!! It's food for the soul, for sure! Blessings Ellie! Lisa

Bill said...

I like the puppy graphic. I hope there comes along some way to torture this woman for what she has obvously done to that beautiful baby.
The things you are thankful for make me think of a lot that I am thankful to have.
My Regards, Bill

gulfcoastdee said...

I am delivering hugs!
I am thankful about everything these days. There are a lot of people on foreclosures and are unemployed in our community. It makes me appreciative of what I have and being able to share.


Betty said...

Always look forward to your thankful Thursdays. I like your lists a lot.

I was feeling thankful for my dog this week too, even did another slide show devoted to just him. Come by & check it out.

lisita15 said...

The stories I keep hearing about Caylee, is crazy. I believe that the mother is guilty. period end of story. IMO. I hate migraines.. my hubby has them alot and they are terrible! take care. lisa

Indigo said...

Wonderful thankfuls, dogs and creative spirit...can't argue with that.

As for Caylee's Mom...I do hope she get's what's coming to her. How in the &$#@ can you say it was an accidental overdose with Chloraform...Ugh!

Hope you had a great weekend dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo