Thursday, October 30, 2008


WELL - finally baseball season has come to an end - (Thank God) (I am so not a fan really) but
it broke my heart that Tampa Bay did not win the world series...Congrats to the phillies but Lord I was so pulling for Tampa...gotta stick with the home team - sort
I am so looking forward to a football weekend - the gators will be playing the georgia bulldogs - biggest rival - the analysts say that whoever wins - has one of the best chances for the national championship.....Lordy I am praying hard for my Gators - they so deserve it!

Okay - enough about sports - The weather has been glorious here this week - in the high 40's at night and mid 60's during the day -
WOW - weather I can breathe in - I am loving it!!!
It is suppose to be a bit warmer this weekend but I am hoping that more cold air is in the forecast soon!
The Hunnie and the daughter are doing the grocery shopping right now -
I made out the list - but somehow they get distracted and new things are added to the
list - so if they have added anything they will come home and all of a sudden they will butter
me up about how we needed something so they took the initiative and added it to the list.
LOL-they crack me up....!
Okay - before I go on any further - I have noticed that there are some other Maxine lovers
out there - and they have been sharing their Maxine clips - well since my family thinks
that I am as close to Maxine attitude wise as anyone they know - (
we even had the same slippers) I thought I should share mine with you all also....

Okay - it seems like the week has flown by because it is already
so without further ado here are things I am
THANKFUL for today:
1- my Hunnie and Daughter doing the grocery shopping - never complaining!!
2- for the cooler weather - I can breathe
3- for football - just gives me such pleasure to watch and cheer for
4- for Maxine - always knowing exactly what to say for any occasion.
5- for each and everyone of you - always stopping by and leaving such beautiful comments-
WOW - it just blows me away - the kindness shown!
6- for less anxiety - less tears - seems that fog (
depression) is being kept at bay and I am able
to get on the computer so much more often!

WELL - I think I have lingered enough here - Thanks for stopping by and remember
to HUG someone you LOVE!!


Tabby said...

I love seeing everything you are thankful for. Everyone's personal "thankfuls" make everyone think about something they may have missed. I hope you have a wonderful evening!

cw2smom said...

I love your Thankful Thursday entries! I may start doing the same! Wishing you peace, love and happiness! Lisa

Robin said...

I was rooting for the Rays too but I am glad it is over...they kept airing over my shows!

Dawn said...

I am glad baseball is done, too! YAY FOR FOOTBALL! My fave too! And, Maxine... awesome! Great thankfuls!

be well...

Missie said...

Happy Halloween!

Coelha :B said...

Great list of thankfuls! I hope you are enjoying a great Halloween! Julie

Rapunzel said...

The weather here has been glorious as well but you get even cooler temps where you are! I love having the windows open, hope it lasts a bit.


Bill said...

Can anyone go to a store and NOT bring home a couple of new "goodies"? I don't think so. Hooray for football weekends!! Regards, Bill.

lisita15 said...

I'm here to say hi!!! I have some time and I'm dropping by journals tonight. I think it will always be journals to me... have a great week. Lisa

"Ima" said...

what a great list of thankfuls! tampa/clearwater is my adopted hometown [mum lives in clearwater] so i was bummed abt the rays, too. but, like you and dawn and so many others, i love football. have a great weekend =)

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Lucky you to get have your grocery shopping done for you??? kids went shoppping for me a couple of times. Lord have mercy, they bought so darned much I needed a seond mortgage.

I'm so happy because we've had 60's in the daytime here and 40's at night. It was 30's and 20's...ugh. LOL at baseball. I was rooting for Tampa but holy heck, the baseball season seems to go on forever.

Have yourself a good week. I haven't forgotten that you tagged me. HUGS

Betty said...

Loved your list, it was great. I am also thankful for the cooler weather! My family says I'm like Maxine too. lol!