Friday, November 23, 2012


Well I am so NOT one to leave my house at midnight to get in a line and wait for the doors to bust open to run for my life to grab an item or two as xmas gifts—THAT IS JUST NUTS!!!

To be honest---I am very much a Black Monday internet buyer—I like taking my time looking at things—comparing prices—and not be shoved around…Also Me and Crowds---well just NO!

I am having a very relaxing day----there is a James Bond Movie Marathon—which I am addicted to—I must have seen every Bond Movie at least 75 times—yes sad but true!
Tomorrow is one of the biggest college football rival games for me—Gators Vs Seminoles---omg—I so cannot wait!! Go Gators!!!!

Today The daughter and I are going to enjoy the leftovers---omg the food was out of this world delicious…and we will bum around and just laugh the day away…I leave you all with a saying—just because I can—lol--


Until Tomorrow-----PEACE!!

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