Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today we put up our Christmas Tree—We only have a four foot tree because all the kids are grown up—well—we redid all the lights on it, the lights are all white – two sets—one stays on constant and the other flashes… and we bought new bulbs for it in red and silver—Hopefully I can upload a pic of it by tomorrow… We all really like it and the way it came out. Tomorrow hopefully we will get lights around the big window in the room we spend the most time in (computer room) it is also the biggest window on the front of the house…so we are excited!!!

So all of my Christmas shopping is done---I did A LOT of mine online from Friday to Monday—found what I wanted for everyone—so I am pretty happy. We still have to make a Christmas box for our son in Afghan—some fun food and treats to keep him happy.

I hope your Christmas decorating and gift buying goes smoothly…Tis The Season To Give!!!

Until Tomorrow …. PEACE!!!

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