Friday, November 30, 2012


I MADE IT----I blogged for one month straight---YES—I am so proud of myself—it has been two years since I have done that—and I am celebrating my victory!!!!

I am really glad I did it---just to see if I could start and finish something—that seems to be a task I always have to work hard at.
Anyway----This weekend we are going to put up the lights on the big window—but as promised –here is an instagram pic of our Xmas Tree…


Truly it looks so much better in person but I like how the lights are sparkled in this pic.
Well I don’t know if I mentioned this—but Allen and my daughter were in an accident  a couple of months ago. A college student ran a red light and hit them broadside at 50 miles an hour…Allen hit his head—but my daughter’s neck and back got “wrenched” (for lack of a better term)…well she has been going to physical therapy and it turns out that now they suspect she has more then one herniated discs…SO NOT GOOD…She gets on her feet for more then 5 minutes and cries in pain…so if the MRI confirms this—she will be getting a lawyer…because then other more serious treatments will be needed. It is funny how the mother of the driver that hit them sent her son to Puerto Rico to live (he was in college here). Unbelievable!!! So tonight she is a bit bummed out—I feel so bad for her.

Allen went hog hunting tonight (just absolutely disgusting) but he loves to hunt—so hopefully he will at least have some fun!!

Again I had a BLAST blogging for a month in the NABLOPOMO challenge…
Until Next Time …. PEACE!!!

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