Sunday, November 11, 2012


Just seemed today that every one was in a BAD BAD MOOD.
All day here there were arguments, disagreements, hassles, lots of stubbornness thrown in and finally I LOST IT—I Screamed and Cried and then Everyone settled down---WOW just WOW.

Football did not go well today---My Giants Lost and I just knew that The Falcons would win and they didn’t—Thank God I don’t bet money…would have lost my shirt today…..sheesh!!!

Lastly but so much more IMPORTANT---I would like to wish ALL YOU VETERANS a very HAPPY VETERANS DAY….THANK YOU for all the sacrifices you made to allow me to be free and to live in a country of freedom—It is my Priviledge to Honor All Of You….

To My Dad (who I Miss Immensely) My Hero-who fought in WWII—recipient of the Purple Heart—SEMPER FI—hoorah—Once A Marine**Always A Marine!!!!!


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