Friday, November 2, 2012



Today’s Prompt is –If you could live anywhere…where would it be?

I have always wanted to live in a log cabin home in the mountains---no neighbors (at least too close by)- away from traffic and malls and overcrowding of everything. I just know I would enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains –life in nature—walking with our dogs—and fishing in a river---that is my dream. I think it has become too easy for these strip malls to go up…for housing developments to build houses almost on top of each other—no room to breathe---move around. Less country – More City—ugh!!!

I watched a program about the country of Belize—the beautiful homes right on the bluest of waters----and I thought if I could not have my log cabin home…I could definitely see myself living in Belize. The houses are open—no need for AC—the breezes from the ocean keep everything cool. WOW---absolutely beautiful---tranquil—just the ocean sounds and you---I sense a pattern here---anywhere with just nature and me.

Where would you like to live????—Until Tomorrow-PEACE

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