Saturday, October 11, 2008


I just had to use more fall colors - since the leaves do not change here in the sunshine state - I
have this longing to see them this has been about 2o years since I have since a true autumn day full of colorful leaves - I so miss that - if any of you out there take pics of some autumn leaves/colors please send them to me - thanks!!!

So far the weekend has been good - watch some great college football - and YES YES YES..the Florida Gators beat LSU.... the score was 51-21 -what a great game!!!I am presently struggling with some insomnia - but I seem to go through phases of that...tho
right now I could really use a good night's sleep.
We have been having an unusual amount of rainfall this month - usually we dry up in october and go into our dry season but it has been raining every day for almost a week here - tho the temps are a bit cooler - (very low 80's) it just makes for a soggy feeling.

NOW - for even better news - I entered this give away at a blog that I am truly enjoying (NOT an aol refugee) she is having a give away every day this month - pretty cool -anyway - I never win anything but lo and behold I WON...yes a halloween arrived the other is a picture from her blog of the pendant - I put it in the window at my front door for all to see - it is too cute....I wanted to win this so bad because the artist who made it - I just happen to be acquainted with - I think I can say we are friends in blog land - so I am doubly blessed.

Anyway - if you would like a chance to win some fun stuffies - head on over to

Some more good news - I got to chat with my son-who is deployed - he is doing good - army is keeping him busy...he just got back from some specialized training for a week in cool. It does my heart good to know life is good for him...this worrying stuff is aging me...LOL.
BTW - did I mention that the hunnie and daughter had a MAGNIFICIENT time at Universal. I am so glad - Crystalyn took some pictures but not many because it was storming there. But a great time was had by all and they came home exhausted!!! As soon as she uploads any of the pics I will show you all what I can!!!
Well I think I will go check out some blogs before trying to get some zzz's.
Thanks so much for stopping by and Looking!!
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Bill said...

I will try and find a fall picture of our Pennsylvania house and land. They are very colorful. Glad a good time was had by all at UNiversal. I'm having a sleep problem also. It is 2:30 AM and I am still up. Regards, Bill

ACofAP said...

I am an LSU fan that watched the game last night. Florida is scary and as much as I hate to say it...I like Tebow. Tough game for me to watch, but it was the Gators night last night. You gotta love SEC football. Good luck.

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

The leaves are only starting to change here in Pa. I love that but hate the thought of winter coming soon. Wow, that pendant is awesome. I'm heading over to that blog. Enjoy your Sunday! HUGS

Emmi said...

The leaves are barely changing colors around here ... par for the course here in the south though

Holly said...

Go Florida! What craziness in the NCAA this year. Another season of #1 flip flops and SEC domination?!?!

Glad you are doing well and your son is well.

Your post is motivating me to get some good pictures of our New England fall.

Monica said...

I could so relate on how it feels to hear from your son. Yes, the worry part really does a number on us doesn't it! ::sigh:: And if it's not one child it's another that causes you to worry.

I've seen a little changing of color around here, it's never the real intense beauty of colors like I've seen in other areas.


Dawn said...

Fall in our area of the world is gorgeous! Yesterday driving from Northern NJ to Phila was gorgeous! Have a great weekend and rest of the week!

be well...

D said...

as you know I have some color here... congrats on the win :)

LYN said...

love that pendant! Congrats!
by the way I do ATC's too!!! well..let me take that back..i have the stuff to do ATC's ...LOL

mrsb said...

Glad it got there safely!