Sunday, October 19, 2008


Happy Sunday Everyone-
I have been trying to keep up with everyone -and their new blogs - if I have missed you please let me know - leave me a comment with your blog url so that I can find it and click on follow -which BTW - have you clicked on my FOLLOW - if not please do so-I would so appreciate it - ANYWHO- I have been using the google reader - that is a handy lil gadget - if you have not tried it yet - you should - it would use your blogger sign in that you have now because blogger is owned by google!! (convienent ain't it-lol) but it is really working for me.
Okay - life actually has been extremely boring around here - nothing to talk about hence the lack of entries!(the above lolcat is compliments of DAWN)
It is exactly how I feel!
Usually I am a person who can talk - and since I am home a lot by myself (daughter in college and hunnie off doing stuffies) I have no one to talk to - so you would think I could blog forever but alas - like the cat says I gots the blox!!!!

I did manage to update my art blog - FINDING MYSELF that was a good thing. Right now I am trying to finish a digital painting of a hibiscus but it is going very S L O W L Y!
Now I am sure I have mentioned TWITTER - it is a way to let peeps know what you are doing at the moment - I think you can even send a twitter from your cell phone - I am enjoying it way too much - but have met some super people on it!!! I encourage you all to try twitter out...and if you do - plz let me know so that I can follow you on twitter - I think it is cool - then again - I have way too much time on my hands--LOL!

I did receive a great surprise in the mail this past week - I won a give away - yes yes yes!!!
I have met this lovely person (can't mention her name because I did not ask first) through her blog FIREFLY HILL - she makes her own bags and make up bags and belts and Xmas stockings, etc - absolutely awesome!!! If you have a moment - check out her blog - you will not be disappointed at her talent and Christmas is right around the corner, down the road - any of her creations would make great gifts!! Well she had a give away and I WON!!!
Here is a pic (from her site) of the bag I won - the picture does not do it justice - the makeup bag is absolutely lovely - I am blessed.

I also updated my poetic/inspiration blog ANGELS TOUCH MY HEART..I only have a few stories up - but I am slowly getting that organized also!
OKAY - did I mention that I collect business cards - well I do - I know it is a crazy kind of hobby but fun and inexpensive - I love looking at business cards, I love noticing what fonts and the artwork used and such - quotes that some peeps use on them - things like that - ANYWAY - if you happen to come across business cards -I am begging you to send them my way...
to send 20 business cards costs one postage stamp - I will send you back a new stamp if you want - but I have pretty much collected all the cards from the area I live and now I need to expand and I need everyone's help - SEND ME BUSINESS CARDS!!! if you want to do this - please leave me a comment and I will send you my addy so that you can send any and all that you collect - and even if you send some - KEEP LOOKING FOR MORE - I need need need more business cards (do I sound obsessed or what?)

Okay - I will walk away from that topic for the time being but I reserve the right to come back to it at a later time--LOL!
If you have nothing exciting to do tonight - you could always watch the seahawks (cough cough) play the BUCCANEERS (yayayayay) in football tonight - GO BUCS!!!
Well I hear dinner calling my name so I will end this rambling here - I hope everyone is doing well - and enjoying the cooler weather - here it has been lovely - I think we are starting to dry out (THANK GOD).
Thanks for stopping by - remember to HUG someone you LOVE!!


D said...

That's exactly what I'm watching.. LOL I'm a jock at heart.

Coelha :B said...

Yep, I'm watching the game too! Great bag--very pretty. I have a business card. Send me your address and I'll send you one. :) Julie

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...'re too funny. I can't figure twitter out for the life of me. My daughters love it. Your digital art is cool, really cool. So send me your addy, and I'll start gathering up some business cards. I work in Pittsburgh so sky's the limit. Go BUCS!

LYN said...

where in Florida are you BTW??
love the bag..congrats!!

Kathy said...

I twitter every now and then. Nothing much.

You seem to be writing more now that you have moved to blogger! Yeah!

Emmi said...

Just stopping in to leave some love.

Bill said...

You are having an interesting time and doing a lot of work too! How do I get to this Google Reader? I'd like to give it a try. Regards, Bill

PCarriker said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway~seems like you are on a winning streak so maybe, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you:-)