Tuesday, October 14, 2008


OKAY - I am sure that you all have heard by now about Caylee Anthony - the little three year old girl who has been missing and her misfit mother Cassie that does not give a damn - and most likely helped kill her.

I truly did not want to believe that this mother would kill her child because she had a support system at home where if she felt overwhelmed and no longer able to take care of her kid that her family would jump right in...but NO - this crazy ITCH...has been indicted today for murder one among 6 other charges....this saga has gone on long enough - all the news programs only showed the entire break down about what happened with the Grand Jury for over two hours....every night on the news - actually no matter what time the news is on - there is always some drama about this crappy mother and her lies and stories and on and on and on!!
Crazy people showing up at her parent's house to protest her being there - OMG they are just as crazy as she is....the biggest observation that everyone has noticed that NOT ONCE did this ITCH ever ask to be a part of ANY search for her child...NEVER did she make a plea on TV or in the papers to have people look for her kid...if my kid was missing - I would be going crazy to keep her face in the forefront of the news and beg people to come out and search- I would be a pain in the butt for the police to keep on looking and calling every day to see what progress they have made - but no she lied about EVERYTHING to the police - misleading them on purpose and then becomes uncooperative.......the final straw for me today was seeing her cry crocodile tears because she knew that her ass was going to prison for the rest of her life...so no more partying, which is why people think she did something to her kid because she wanted to be a big partier not bogged down with a kid...OMG...and her lawyer had the nerve to get in front of the cameras and say how sad she is - in his whole speech not once did he mention Caylee and how now the FBI and Police feel she is dead....this has been insane!!!
She is already going to face 15 years in prison for all the check frauds and stealing money from people's bank accounts and such -

The lawyer she has now will NOT be allowed to represent her during the trial - he can be second chair but NOT lead because he has no experience in murder cases and we have a law that states you must have experience in order to represent someone in capital murder cases....there is also a rumor that she wants to represent herself - I hope that is not true because then it would just be a mockery of justice.
My heart goes out to the grandparents of Caylee because they were always pulling to have people look for the little girl - I think the grandmother is really beside herself and does not want to admit her daughter might be a murderer because she might feel it is a reflection on them. All of this must be tearing them up.
Lord - I am just TICKED OFF thoroughly over this ITCH - today just put me over the edge how disgusting she really is!
Okay - I am tired - tho I did manage to get some sleep last night (about 4 hours) so I will stop now before I get some myself crazy again!
If you have heard about this case - let me know how you feel (be nice)...I really want to know!
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Coelha :B said...

It's insane. I just pray this little angel is found and put to rest properly. We live in an insane world. God forgive us. :( Julie

Monica said...

This has been an incredibly sad story that has had me in tears several times. Just look at that little angel face, she was simply precious. I've seen the grandmother and I just felt for her, I'd be going crazy if anything had happened to either of my precious granddaughters.


Emmi said...

I'm with ya on this Anthony case ... her being crazy and all. I thought she was guilty all along though. What mother doesn't tell anyone that he daughter is missing for a month, goes out partying and having a good time. She's guilty & it had nothing to do with that poor baby being kidnaped.

mrsb said...

I've been following this one since the start. I don't think that woman is insane. I think she is a heartless, selfish, cruel B**ch who couldn't be bothered to take care of her child because she was too busy having a good time. From what I've gathered, she had been using chloroform to put that baby out so she could go party. That isn't insane - it's sociopathic.

She needs locked up forever. And "fixed" so she can never make another child suffer like she did that poor baby.

Indigo said...

I still say not everyone should be allowed to have children...As a mother it's abborent to think someone could be this cruel to their own child. Then again I had a mother who left me to the wolves..

How could you look at that innocent little face and hurt them? How could you NOT protect and want your own child. I have no sympathy for this woman, she can burn or go to the electric chair for all i care. Why does she deserve life when she so callously stole it from an innocent babe? (Hugs)Indigo

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Ooooo, this just infuriates me beyond words. I still have no idea what took them so long to arrest her except maybe trying to get the case together. I'm not sure what was up with the grandparents. I do know they sure didn't believe their daughter was at fault, at least they didn't want to. Ugh....makes me sick.

D said...

.... and her mother says when she tells her side everyone will understand... HUH? Where the hell has she been for 3 months.. tell your side now and put that dear child to rest properly.

Valerie said...

Ellie, I am in total agreement. I am in amazement every time I see Casey on the news. WHAT mother would not be so despondent when her child is missing. WHO would wait a month to report it???? When I heard that I knew she was guilty of something. Stopping by to say hello. I will be back! Hugs, Val xox

Bill said...

The tragedy of this case is almost unbearable. I have been following it all and have really come to hate all the lunatics it has drawn. Thanks for the reality check. My Regards, Bill.

Kathy said...

The whole thing is crazy.

I feel sorry for the grandparents having to put up with protesters at their front door.

If you can believe all you hear on the news (and you can't really) then Caylee's mom is something else. All the partying that went on after her little girl disappeared?

Will we ever know the truth? Doubt it.

Marilyn said...

This is a very sad story. I feel so sorry for that little angel. Just to let you know I started up a blog on here also.

Lesley Denford said...

What a sad story. Let's all pray for this woman and her child - and hope they both get the help and love they need.