Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I know - kind of lazy in my postings - to be honest - I have not felt up to par - lots of headaches - but I have noticed now that the cooler weather has hit the last couple of days - the headaches are
gone - maybe it is something to do with the atmospheric pressure - at least that is my story and I am sticking to it...lol.
Allen was away all weekend - he decided to head down south
to help out his brother with

fixing some cars that his brother owns - to be honest - this is one of the first times I did not mind. I think Allen needed a break away - he has been keeping himself busy but he also internalizes a lot and I think just getting away for a bit works for him...
the daughter was

home all weekend so I was not alone...we had a nice weekend - pigged out on munchies - played on the puters until the wee hours - laughed at silly stuff - watched football and some cool movies - so all was well.
Allen and Crystalyn did manage to buy some pumpkins last week - the perfect sizes for us...and of course we cannot be normal - so here are our decorated pumpkins--the daughter gets the credit - she amazes me:

Aren't they just the cutest pumpkins - LOL!!!
Okay have a mentioned that our high temps today will be 56 degrees - for Florida in October
that is
COLD - but I am loving it - feels so good - makes the air so much easier to breathe for me!

Now onto a game.....
Well, I got tagged by Anke and Mrs B here are the rules:

* link to the person who tagged you * list 6 random things about yourself * tag 6 new people * let each tagged person know by posting a comment on their blog * link to the 6 people you've tagged * and let the person who tagged you know that you posted

Things you may not know about me - random----
1- The majority of schools I attended, growing up, were private all girls schools
2- I used to own and run a Day Care Center
3- I used to be a party planner for kids parties
4- my first language was Spanish not English -
did not speak English until I was about 5

5- I wrote/developed and taught a life skills program for juvenile offenders
that were given adult state time.

6- I played the piano at a Carnegie Hall concert when I was much younger - played the piano since I was 4 - gave it up sometime in high school - too rusty now!

Okay - these are the peeps I tag - I want some dirt on...LOL
Bill (Bears Den)
Kathy (Field of Dreams)
Chris (Cabs Creations and Chit Chat)
Emmi (Emmi's Snagger Tagger)
Dawn (Carpe Diem)
Marilyn (Marilyn's Creative Angels)

A-L-R-I-G-H-T-Y THEN - I will end this torture here -
Since it is after 6 in the morning I am

guessing I should get some sleep - then again - who needs sleep -
I could go on for hours...LOL.

Thanks so much for stopping by and Looking -
Remember to
HUG someone you LOVE!


Emmi said...

OMG, I love the pumpkins. That work takes patience! Sure ... you just had to get dirt on me didn't ya? he he he

Rapunzel said...

Your pumpkins are carved into two of my favorite things - wolves and pirates! Very Cool!

Dawn said...

Glad you had such a fun weekend! Oh my... I think everyone on my blog knows everything! LOL

be well...

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Hahaha, I haven't done a meme in ages so I'm game. Wow, those pumpkins are totally awesome. Ours always look like a 5 year old did them. LOL...I played the piano also but never at Carnegie Hall. HUGS

Marilyn said...

Love the pumpkins. Where am I suppose to post my information at?

Monica said...

I don't know why but, never thought of you playing a piano. What an experience that must've been!

Love the pumpkins.


Anke said...

HI Ellie, hope you had a good night/morning rest ;)
Your pumpkins are AWESOME!!!! WOW! Our pumkins are still sitting whole in the hallway.....too unmotivated to carve them....I think it works best wit a special knife, right?
Sounds like a fun weekend, mother dauther time is always good.....
I can tell when their are weather changes too or better pressure changes.....so maybe you are not so wrong with your theory about your headaches. Hope you will feel better in the next couple of days with the cooler air.
Thanks for sharing your random things about you. Enjoyed reading them. So, off to do some other stuff.....have a great day, smiles and hugs your way, Anke ;)

Kathy said...

Done! But I will have to tag people tomorrow.

Come see me!


cw2smom said...

Those are just amazing pumpkins!! Wow!! Love your blog! Lisa

silverstarsanctuary said...

Great pumpkins! Hope you have a happy halloween.


Sacred Suzie said...

Those are AMAZING pumpkins! OMG, I totally thought they were snagged from Martha's site or something. I just love them. Thanks for sharing around the Halloween spirit!

Tabby said...

Hi Ellie,

I wanted to stop by and check out your blog as I see your comments on a lot of the same blogs that I read. Very nice, I especially love those pumpkin carvings. Hope it warms up for you.

Bill said...

I'm glad you had a nice time with your Daughter. I am seriously impressed over the pumpkins. That is sure art. I will do the meme thing soon. Probably Friday or Saturday. I'm sure I can come up with six things about me. My Regards, Bill.

Bill said...

OK, Ellie, I completed the "TAG" requirements today 10/31 in my Journal entry. I hope you like it. Regards, Bill

Betty said...

Wow those are some great carving skills!
They came out great!
We put up a slide show of our halloween pics up, you can see my talent there. lol! your daughter puts me to shame lol!